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Dekalb Market Hall, the largest food, drink, and entertainment market hall in Brooklyn, is home to over 40 global vendors. With its pulsing energy, eclectic atmosphere, and international cuisine, DeKalb Market Hall has become a destination for foodies, locals, and tourists.


Transform the DeKalb Market Hall website into a dynamic, user-friendly platform where customers can seamlessly order online, discover new food vendors, and virtually explore the market hall.

Dekalb Market Hall is Brooklyn’s biggest food hall and its website needed to reflect its international flavor, pulsing energy, and immersive environment.  Concrete Communications designed and developed a new website with a sitemap, which offers a seamless experience for customers to order online, purchase gift cards, inquire about catering, and more.


New website launch timed to coincide with the opening of DeKalb Open-Air Market along with increased takeout and delivery options.


The user-friendly DeKalb digital experience resulted in increased site visits, online ordering, and subscriptions to our newsletter.  It also enables customers to purchase gift cards, ask us questions, and inquire about events. 


Site Visits in 3 Month Period


Increase in site visits in

3 Month Period

Visit DeKalb Market Hall:

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